likes: people, anomolies, adventures, bread, fruit, chocolate, indian food, laughing, silliness, sex, plants, helping, being helped, markers in lots of different colors, crafts, new ideas, obama, taylor, chase, carson, jack, austin, kirsten, evan, doug, quentin, massages, hot tubs, goofing off, fart jokes, puns, steven colbert, indigo girls, family, small epiphanies, talking about how to be a better person, sometimes trying to be a better person, socks, scarves, jeans that make my butt look good, comfy bras, scott’s nose, science shows, being right, being wrong and finding out before anyone else and fixing it, getting letters in the mail, sending letters and thinking about how happy people feel when they get them, being a little drunk, being a little stoned, putting things in order, getting a little misty-eyed over a good poem, seeing friends after it’s been a while, seeing friends i just saw, holidays, weekends, leaving work early, getting a lot done and feeling accomplished, women, men, transgenders, babies, kids, hope, grace, short stories, books on tape, good movies like ‘the big lebowski’ and ‘i heart huckabees,’ my in-laws, having the whole day ahead of me and lots to do but nothing that *needs* to be done, singing, gays, having a good cry, sharing good news, hopefullness, making it work, being able to figure out a solution in the middle of a crisis, getting lost, dreaming, and apparently i also like long lists and talking about myself, huh?

disklikes: hopelessness, cynicism, farting in a public place when it stinks real bad, poverty, injustice, bigotry,  people being mean, not being able to help, fear tactics and hate mongering.  I also hate having to talk to people when i’m in my crafting zone, but i try to be nice about it.


One Response to “who is this person?”

  1. Brian said

    Farting in public places no matter how bad is smells is natural.. and I think you should consider the fartism in you heart. Can’t we all just get along?

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