it’s either my age or it’s that time of the month

June 29, 2009

On my way to visit a friend i was stopped at the light and noticed an empty potato chip bag suddenly lying next to the car in front of me, one lane over. I realized, ‘they just threw that chip bag into the street!’

For a split second my jaw dropped. (I don’t think I have actually witnessed anyone throwing garbage out of their car in years… in fact, i don’t remember the last time). After said split second, I laid on the horn — right as the light turned green. The kids (yes, they were stereotypical punk teenagers) turned to look at me and I snarled “don’t litter!” and then I added “pick up your trash!!” As we pulled forward to go our separate ways I heard one of them say “f*** you!” …and so I gave ’em the peace sign. (yeah, i really did…)

Instead of that exchange, however, I wish I would have just gotten out of my car, walked up to them and handed it back, or just picked it up myself and said, “hey, i got this one – you can get the next one” — or something wise and pacifist like that.

Didn’t happen though.

Littering pisses me off because it shows their lack of concern for themselves and others, which is, in some way, a product of the fact that we live in a ghetto, so I can’t really blame them. But I do. They are better than that and they oughta act like it. (I wish I would have told them that too.)

So I’m kinda disappointed in myself and sad about being so snarly.

But, I still hope the next time they want to throw something out their window they’ll at least check to make sure some crazy white lady isn’t going to holler at them about it… maybe they will. 🙂


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