16 things

January 22, 2009

16 random things about me…

Tiana put this on her blog, and wanted to get a response in kind, so here it is…

1. As most of you know I have a scatological sense of humor. Tiana and I like to say “any joke that includes poop-n-pee-n-farts-n-piss…” Lately, one of my friends gets all worked up about it, (“How do you get poop into every conversation?!?!”) which makes it even better.

2. I usually am not good at picking up after myself. Like a lot of things in my life, I let it all build up until I just go on a binge to clean it up again.

3. I’m totally stealing Tiana’s number 13 – I also like eccentric people. Well, mostly I just like people, but the more eccentric the better—as Tiana said, “they are so unapologetically themselves and seem unmoved by people’s judgment…even better, maybe they are even unaware of it? YES, they are weird but they are so special…”

4. One of my secrets – exposed!!: When I was 19 and worked at an onion plant, I once agreed to have dinner (a date?) with one of the truckers who had picked up a load of onions from us. He was a Russian immigrant and when I went to his truck to tell him I’d meet him at the truck stop back across the river in Oregon, he was reading his russian/english vocabulary book (which i thought was cute, like there were specific words or phrases he wanted to have prepared???). I felt likeI shouldn’t tell anyone cuz they’d think I was crazy but I guess I was up for an adventure. From what I vaguely remember the food was terrible, and I felt really self-conscious about being there surrounded by truckers, but I had a nice time. He told me about his life on the road, that it was lonely and he wanted more chances to practice his english. Before I left he gave me his cell phone number and said I could call if I ever needed anything… I know it was pretty risky, but I’ve always been kinda glad I went. He was a pretty nice guy. (this probably goes along with my number 3 in some ways.)

5. I have a bad habit of picking at my cuticles when i am nervous or bored. I recently started rubbing neosporine on them in an attempt to heal them and give my hands something else to do. It still pick them, but they don’t look so gnarly and bloody anymore.

6. I realized recently that many of my greatest friendships have been forged since i moved to San Diego in 2000 – while George W Bush was in office. I like to think that now, as good as those friendships have been, with Obama and all this hope and optimism leeching into our brains and souls, well, I like to imagine that my relationships will have something new and hopeful about them too…

7. I LOVE reading tabloid headlines in the grocery store checkout line. Sometimes if the line is extra long I’ll even pick one up and thumb through it. But I would be too embarassed to ever actually pay money for any of them.

8. I like writing letters partly because I like to imagine the recipient opening the mail box and, between the bills and junk mail, seeing a colorful envelope and a handwritten address. And of course, I like receiving letters too. So much better than email….

9. I am working on being more decisive – not just deciding for the sake of making a decision, but making a conscious effort to think through the options and come to a conclusion. I am learning this is a much more exciting way to live than to hem and haw and let life pass me by…

10. I have a friend in recovery from substance abuse and I admire their determination to get to the heart of things, work the steps, and maintain a sense of humor about it all. I feel kinda lucky that I get to share the journey a little with such a cool person…

11. I think the mind-body connection is fascinating… like how much sensory stimulation/deprivation can affect moods and ones ability to cope. Like, just swimming out in the ocean past the breaks and (in between worrying about sharks) feeling the pull of the water as it pulses around ones body. Isn’t it crazy and amazing how much just that sensation effects the mind!?! I think stuff like that is one of the Gifts of being alive. There’s more to this (human touch, being around animals, vocalization of pleasure or pain, more than I know for sure…) but I’ll just leave it at that for now.

12. I like to listen to books on tape while I make crafts. I especially like whodunit mysteries and stuff from NPR like The American Life. These are times when I get in the zone and I don’t want to talk or be interrupted at all. I’ll finally be tired or hungry a few hours later and come back to ‘reality’ but it will feel like it has only been 30 minutes (another crazy mind/body thing!).

13. For the first time in my life, I really really love my job.

14. I wish I could somehow squish the distance btween Northern Oregon and Southern California so I could spend more time with my nutty family that I love so much.

15. Sometimes there is nothing like a good hard cry to just get a fresh start… it’s like going outside after it has rained really hard all night and all morning… the air is a little fresher and things seem a little newer…

16. Today a took a dump and it smelled like that smell when you drive down the freeway with your parking break on.


One Response to “16 things”

  1. SteveB said

    Thanks dude – recovery is fun with people like you in this world to share it with. 🙂

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